Regarding Richard Broinowski's reader riposte:

  • I never claimed we ran an 'unemotional' debate on uranium sales to India. That word never appears in my post.
  • I made no claims of impartiality, in fact I said explicitly that our scholars argue energetically for their own points of view.
  • John Carlson is a Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute, not an intern.
  • The CEO of Paladin Energy is John Borshoff, not Borshok.
  • Rory Medcalf did not 'assert that Stephen Conroy's performance at the ALP national conference would have been a rich source for a Bollywood blockbuster.' As you can see at 38 minutes in the video, he says that 'all the drama' of the Labor conference debate would make for a great Bollywood movie. There were 17 speeches in that debate; Medcalf made no reference to Conroy.
  • Medcalf made his joke at the 9 December Barry O'Farrell event, not the 1 December Scott Sagan event, as Broinowski implies.