Sunday 08 Dec 2019 | 09:03 | SYDNEY
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10/Dec Tuesday
Location: Sydney

Taiwan’s 2020 Elections

The elections in Taiwan in January promise to be one of the region’s most consequential polls in recent decades. With Beijing increasingly vocal about using force to unify the island with China, voters face a choice between a president determined to resist Beijing and an opponent struggling to
Location: Sydney
Start: 18:00 - End: 19:00
17/Dec Tuesday
Location: Sydney

Avoiding war: How states negotiate

With the threat of armed conflict looming more seriously over Asia than it has in decades, Oriana Skylar Mastro will discuss Asian approaches to diplomacy during war. Professor Mastro’s new book, The Costs of Conversation, covers the diplomatic decisions of China and India in past conflicts
Location: Sydney
Start: 12:45 - End: 13:45

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