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G20 goes for growth

In the Australian Financial Review Mike Callaghan sees the G20's growth pledge as a pivotal reform. 

Chinese aid policy becoming more cooperative

Chinese aid in the Pacific could become more integrated into the work being done by more established aid donors. Dr Phillipa Brant says there are signs the Chinese government is starting to move away from it's previous unilateral approach and is adopting a more collaborative approach to assisting developing nations.  

Indonesia image poses bigger threats to Australia's image

Rory Medcalf argues that the new Australian government must act maturely in developing its response to the spying row. The way Australia proceeds has implications for its relationships with Indonesia and other partners in the Asia region. 

Bishop stands by criticism of Beijing

Julie Bishop maintains her criticism of China's ADIZ. Rory Medcalf argues that there are justified concerns over China's lack of consultation with regional partners. 

PNG gets moving on scourge of corruption

The decision of PNG's Supreme Court to allow an 812-page commission of inquiry into false compensation scames could lead to a change in government's approach to corruption. 

Suu Kyi to Australia: smart money's on us

Suu Kyi used her address at the Lowy Institute to call on companies investing in Myanmar to take a long term view and hedge their bets in favour of her Democracy party. 

Reckless flying dragon

Rory Medcalf comments on the way China's ADIZ has increased tensions in the Asian region due to a lack of consultation. 

Rory Medcalf on the meaning of China's Air Defense Zone

In the New York Times Sinosphere blog, Rory Medcalf argues that in creating an ADIZ around the Senkakus/Diaoyu China miscalculated and that the United States should use the moment to persuade China and others to establish mechanisms in the region to minimize the risk of an incident that could trigger a conflict.

Time we behaved like G20 president

As Australia has assumed the presidency of the G20, Tony Abbott must take responsibility for setting Australia's agenda ahead of Brisbane summit next November. 

Is Australia ready for its G20 Presidency?

Media release
On 1 December 2013, Australia will commence its twelve-month presidency of the G20, a role that will culminate in the hosting of the Brisbane G20 Summit, 15-16 November 2014. This will

Spying, Sorry and Free Speech

Kurt Campbell was a panellist for ABC1 Q&A, answering questions about the politics and legalities of spying on Indonesia, intelligence leaks and the Australian asylum seeker policy.

Extended Interview: Kurt Campbell

With Indonesia downgrading bilateral relations with Australia, will relations between the two countries ever be the same again? Until earlier this year, Kurt Campbell was U.S. President Obama's Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs - and a key figure in developing Washington's "pivot" to Asia.

Australia's first suicide bomber?

Dr Rodger Shanahan talks to The Drum host Julia Baird about the credibility of video of the man believed to be Australia's first suicide bomber.(34:36)