Friday 28 Oct 2016 | 15:18pm | SYDNEY
Long reads
28 Oct 2016 14:00

Gillard and Clinton: The pull of an old friendship

Clinton is said to have been impressed, in the time that Gillard was Australian Prime Minister, with her toughness on policy issues.

27 Oct 2016 9:13

South China Sea: What Labor should (not) do

Fissures have erupted within the Australian Labor Party over whether Australia should join the US in conducting freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) in the South China Sea. Former opposition defence spokesman, Stephen Conroy, announced a hawkish Labor position following the Permanent Court of...

25 Oct 2016 16:38

Two great reads on Trumpism

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibi penned an essay a week ago about the Trump phenomenon, which builds to a stirring close: Trump's shocking rise and spectacular fall have been a singular disaster for U.S. politics. Built up in the press as the American Hitler, he was unmasked in the end as a pathetic...

25 Oct 2016 16:10

How afraid should Hollywood be of Wang Jianlin?

Dalian Wanda’s Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man and owner of Wanda group, is close to finalising a deal which would give him control of Hollywood’s Dick Clark productions, valued at $US1 billion. Fear has spread throughout Hollywood that China’s propaganda machine is coming to Tinseltown. But how...